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Cupping Treatment


Live safer, avoid & recover from falls

Balance training is a series of interventions designed to address impaired balance and increased risk of falls in an individual. Among other interventions, it may include aspects of core and leg strengthening, posture control, and body awareness/positioning in standing and during movement.

You don’t have to be an older patient to benefit from balance exercises -- we work with people with neurological conditions, injured athletes, and those recovering from vertigo, a stroke, a fall, or even surgery.


Pain relief & sports recovery

Cupping uses suction to increase blood flow and minimize fascial restrictions to optimize muscle movement and speed up recovery. Increasing blood flow to muscles and areas of discomfort helps to optimize the influx of nutrients and removal of build up in the muscle and thus reduce soreness. It also can help to pull the skin away from underlying connective tissue and optimize muscle movement by reducing restrictions. Scars also can get bound down by scar tissue which can cause pain with movement and pulling on that area. Cupping may help to break scar tissue adhesions and improve skin mobility leading to improved pain and function.


Reduce neuromusculoskeletal pain

Dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points and release tension and “knots” in the muscles for decreased pain and improved muscular function.

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Improve your ability to stand & walk

Training an individual on how to correctly walk again following injury, illness, or even stroke is valuable. We will train you with or without an assistive device depending on your needs but with the overarching goal of you being able to independently walk again without the use of a device.


Reduce headache days & reliance on medications

There are many different causes of headaches, some of which may be treatable by physical therapy. Tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, headaches due to jaw dysfunction, and migraines may all be treated with therapy techniques. Not all causes of headaches are treatable with physical therapy and you should consult your doctor if pain persists.


Improve your range of motion, restore lost or compromised function & decrease pain.

This is an effective, non-invasive treatment option for soft tissues that have been aggravated or damaged by overuse, trauma, or surgery. If you have pain, swelling, and impaired movement caused by soft tissue dysfuction, IASTM may be a great therapeutic option. IASTM uses a hand-held instrument to stimulate soft tissues so they can regenerate or on scar tissue to help break that problematic tissue down. It can be performed with traditional therapy options and may help patients avoid more invasive procedures.

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Massage Therapy


Reduce pain & swelling, improve mobility and range of motion, induce relaxation 

Manual therapy techniques include soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, manual stretching, manual traction, and passive range of motion. These techniques apply stress strategically to help re-establish normal muscle tension and improve range of motion in order to exercise with less pain and restore functional movement patterns.


Avoid surgery, go into it stronger, resume your daily activities sooner

Pre-operative physical therapy is important for individuals who are trying to avoid having surgery or who are looking to go into surgery with improved strength and mobility in order to optimize recovery following a procedure. Post-operative physical therapy occurs following surgery and early on often includes wound care, assistance with bracing, and patient education. Pre-operative and Post-operative therapy allow a patient to maximize their outcomes, address limitations, and prevent long-term impairments.


Reducing back pain

Spine rehab is a comprehensive approach to low back, mid-back, or upper back pain. It incorporates aspects of manual therapy, such as soft tissue mobilization or dry needling, as well as an individualized exercise program and modalities based on the underlying cause of symptoms. Spine rehab is beneficial for patients that have had a spinal procedure as well as for those with an injury or even those with chronic back pain.

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Recover quicker & return sooner to the activities you love

Sports rehab is an area of physical therapy that is targeted at athletes and individuals looking to safely return to sports following an injury or surgery. Treatments will typically be focused on higher level, sport specific activities. This will allow athletes to progress through the stages of recovery with supervised management of activities and symptoms.


Reduce pressure on the spine

Traction can be performed manually and mechanically to decompress various spinal segments in order to reduce stress on nerves, discs, or other structures that cause pain. It is commonly used to reduce pain from pinched nerves, foraminal stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica and other common spinal conditions.


Ensure you are working safely, using good technique & planning a path to succeed

With a full on-site gym, we are able to advance PT patients to the gym level as part of therapy before discharge. This allows us to simultaneously treat and train patients - getting our patients to 100% and beyond. 

After discharge, patients may continue to exercise as members of the gym on their own, with a trainer or under their therapist's guidance, using their new skills with confidence for effective and efficient workouts.